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Mansour is thought by many to be the most naturally gifted player ever to pick up a tennis racquet. As a child growing up in Iran, he worked as a ball boy, and because he was unable to afford a racket of his own, he improvised with frying pans and broom handles to teach himself the game. His progress was brought to an abrupt halt when the Islamic Revolution led to the banning of professional sport in Iran. Not to be prevented from playing the sport he loved, Mansour set off for France. By the time he started playing tournaments Mansour was already 30 years old and had missed his chance to make his mark on the professional game. He did still manage to become a successful doubles player, reaching the fnals of the French Open Doubles in 1989 with partner Eric Winogradsky.
Bahrami reluctantly withdrew from the circuit in the early 1990’s, but when the ATP Champions Tour came into being in the late 90’s, Mansour had found his calling. He now spends over 40 weeks of the year playing in tournaments and exhibitions around the world including events staged on the show courts at Wimbledon and the French Open.

Track record

1991 Copenhagen

1990 Bordeaux 

1989 Geneva

1988  Toulouse

1987 Geneva

1987 Monte Carlo 

1986 Paris 

1986 Stuttgart

1986 Bordeaux 

1989 Toulouse 1989

1988 Geneva 1988

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